[Sherry An Design] Miss Light


MISS LIGHT: Colors/ Meshes/ Light

Date| April 2013

Material| Metal meshes

Photographer| Johnny Wang


The soft meshes which were originally for anti-slippery purposes had rich possibilities of changing forms. I played with the materials a lot by layering them, breaking the grids and then ironing them, and bending them in different directions and then connecting the edges. The explorations that I found the most interested is the way of spacing layers, so I continued working on that.



Miss Light is a pendant light. As the Russian dolls nesting, it’s a similar idea of layering. The light shines through the layering meshes and illuminate the environment with vivid shadow. There are three characters of Miss Light, which are Miss Wisdom with patina meshes, Miss Sunshine with colorful meshes and Miss Broadway with golden meshes.

miss light_3 bright.jpg




Our lighting and furniture show held at Sinclaire Pavilion, Art Center College of Design. The works of lighting were directed by Daniel Gottlieb and Penny Herscovitch. We developed our light along with a trend of design we chose from the beginning of the term. Materials exploration, light quality testing and form development were highly discussed in the process.